Hemlane 2024 Housing Trends Report

Created an engaging, qualitative and quantitative-based data report for Hemlane, a proptech SaaS brand, after a series of newsletters.  Included desk research, graphs sourcing, copy creation, and narrative. Read the inaugural Hemlane Horizon: 2024 Housing Trends report here.

The Property Management Pulse Newsletters

Established, wrote, and deployed a thought-leadership newsletter for Hemlane, a proptech SaaS brand, from August through November, culminating in my first-ever industry housing trends report for 2024.   Real Estate’s ‘Inception’: NAR’s Plot Twist & Cali’s Script Rewrite ūüé¨ūüŹ° 8% Mortgage Rates > No of House Speaker Nominees ūüó≥ÔłŹ Even Taylor Can‚Äôt Save Home Sales…

TRD Brand Studio

One of the main reasons I went to The Real Deal was the exhilarating challenge of setting up a content studio for the real estate industry. Up until that point there were limited opportunities for a studio that handled both commercial AND residential real estate. As the founder of this in-house agency at a time…

The Real Deal: Newsletter Example

Established editorial webinar series look and feel for newsletters and site, in addition to writing promotional copy and monitoring attendee sign-ups. iBuying: disrupter or fad? TRD Insider explores the latest proptech craze

Weekly Newsletter: Sprung

My former Forbes colleague Ji Son and I launched Sprung in June 2020 as a weekly newsletter featuring stories with the intent to “spring up joy, inspiration or even a moment of peace in an increasingly hectic world.” It was a fun project for us and allowed me to refine my email marketing skills during…

Industry Dive x IBM Security Intelligence

Security Intelligence is a white-label blog conceived, created, and maintained by Industry Dive exclusively for IBM’s cybersecurity division. ¬†We pitched and executed the site as a standalone newsroom dedicated to all things cybersecurity, updated in almost real-time. Our role: Source and maintain bench of expert cybersecurity writers Create and pitch clients on content topics Oversee…

Healthcare Brew: Sales Opps

Example of a customized media kit for Morning Brew’s healthcare newsletter that allowed clients to easily (and visually) understand the opportunities available for them. Healthcare Brew Opportunities

Morning Brew x Electric

Client: Electric The pitch: Pulse survey of tech leaders on their pain points to inform a short white paper that was gated for leads – screenshot below  

Morning Brew x Mailchimp

Client: Mailchimp for Morning Brew Think outside the (in)box was pitched as an interactive experience for marketers to better understand the advanced capabilities of the Mailchimp platform.      

The Real Deal Media Kit

As the Director of Marketing & Events at The Real Deal part of my purview was ad sales.¬† The Real Deal did have a media kit but I felt that it was a bit silo’ed, focused on platform (print, digital, mobile) vs. telling the brand story, then talking about details by platform. Example: You can…

Real Deal Lead Gen

I’ve ideated, pitched and executed numerous lead gen campaigns. It’s critical to have something of value behind the gate so people don’t feel that they’ve given up their contact info for nothing but it’s also critical to have copy that teases what’s behind the gate. By the way: the landing page copy is not just…

The Real Deal: Promo Posts

I’ve been writing for years and I’ve always felt that promotional “stories” are icky unless they provide value. ¬†So I tried to find unique angles that would entice people to click and read. Here are a few examples. The Residential Roundup¬†blog post featured the top trending topics of the week   ¬†I wrote a blog…

Writing Style: LinkedIn Recommendation

Writing a LinkedIn review is easy. Writing a review that blows your recipient away?¬† Not so easy. My approach, using this great Muse article, is the way I try to write 100% off the time, whether it’s a recommendation, email or blog post: try to catch the reader’s eye with a strong hook, then dive…

The Real Deal + Essensys Custom Webinar

Pitched and executed a live-streamed webinar for Essensys targeted to CRE. This included: Developing and pitching the umbrella webinar topic so other brands could participate in the future (e.g, IWG) Sourcing known industry speakers and moderator Developing the talking points Tech checks Execution Creative collateral development Audience acquisition via paid media, emails, display media Post…

Forbes & Chase Home Lending

Strategized the story-telling and execution details for Chase RFP, titled “Second Story: How to Maximize the Next Stage of Home Ownership” to educate HNW males on how to leverage their home equity. See the executed program here.

Economist DXC Custom Podcasts

So proud to have worked with the editors to successfully craft – and sell! – this thought-leadership podcast program with DXC and the Economist Intelligence Unit. It was a great test as it was our first podcast to sell AND launch. Click here to find it at the iTunes store.

Samsung 2018

Successfully having been the sole hybrid marketer, account manager, digital producer, and global program manager for over 3 years I helped craft this winning $1.5M program for Samsung, The Next Mobile Economy.  

CA Technologies Business Recoded

Program: Business Recoded for The Economist Client: CA Technologies The challenge Draw on the momentum of TEG‚Äôs App Nations program in 2016 and continue CA‚Äôs presence at the 2017 World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, SW. The thought An interactive story allowing the online and offline audience to gain insights into how apps and related…

CA Technologies App Nations

Campaign: App Nations:¬†Start-ups, States and Enterprises¬† Client: CA Technologies Launched: 2016 Summary:¬† An interactive “map” with a white paper, market briefings on key markets where we also executed custom salons to which very select executives were invited, and on-site video interviews. My role: I ran the account (day to day operations, strategy lead, PM, and…

American Media Media Kit

Now defunct (titles were sold to Meredith, the brand collapsed in the wake of the Stormy Daniels controversy) I was promoted at American Media to spearhead their efforts to sell across multiple titles. AMI is comprised of women and men fitness lifestyle titles plus entertainment. The sales team begged me to help transform their media…

Nickelodeon Digital Games

Years: 2008 – 2011 Budget:¬†$15M per year P&L Partners worked with: Activision, Apple Store, Atari, Capcom, Microsoft Xbox, Paramount, Sega, Take2, THQ. Networked with pretty much everyone though – it’s a small industry! Top retailers: Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, Toys R Us (RIP), Walmart My role: I was key to crafting pitch decks that…

Microsoft Transforming Business

Site: Transforming Business for The Economist Client: Microsoft Cloud Launch: Summer 2016 and 2017 My role: Follow-up to the award winning Empowering Business.  I was the account manager, global project manager, media launcher, and client whisperer.

Accenture / Pegasystems


Site: Digital Evolution¬† for The Economist Client:¬†Joint program with Accenture and Pegasystems Launch:¬†September 2015 Summary:¬†White paper, lead generation campaign, event integration, custom articles and interviews with SMEs. My role:¬†Client whisperer and program manager. In fact, I was solely hired to handle what I was informed was a challenging client but they were simply frustrated with…

Pfizer Story Half Told


Site: Story Half Told Client: Pfizer Agency: Hero Group Development/Launch:¬†2015 – 2016 Summary: First ever Instagram campaign for Pfizer, featuring famous photographers who featured wonderful women who lived/live with Metastatic Breast Cancer. My Role:¬†As the Account Director I oversaw every facet of bringing this campaign to life, working closely with the client, internal stakeholders, and…

The Economist x DXC


Site: Thrive on Change Client: DXC Agency: DWA San Francisco Launch:¬†November 2017 Summary: Economist created video first campaign featuring (3) global start-ups that are proactively embracing climate change in order to thrive.¬† Features hot-spots that allow viewers to dig deeper into the subject at pivotal moments throughout the video.¬† Integrated previous thought-leadership content from the…


Personal blog and part-time passion project launched in 2018 which I used to learn Google Analytics and WordPress blog development.  

Cisco’s People Powered


Site: People, Powered for¬†The Economist Client: Cisco Webex Launch: 2018 My role: Brainstormed and crafted the digital strategy at the RFP stage, collected internal and external costs, identified, briefed, and hired the digital agency PMA for site build, managed timelines, helped to hire – and onboard – the illustrator, oversaw the media mix strategy, and…

Economist x Facebook

Site: The Inclusive Index for The Economist Client: Facebook’s Internet.org Launch: 2017 My role:¬†Global project manager and single point of contact for client.¬† Was part of initial brainstorming panel that consisted of thought-leaders from all over the world who helped shape the internet as we know now it. Full press release here.

Economist x Porsche


Site: Intersections¬†/¬†¬†The Economist Client: Porsche Launch: 2016 Summary: 3D models using Sketchfab, videos and articles featuring influencers, extensive media and a custom event at the Porsche racetrack in Los Angeles. My role: Program manager, client/agency relationship manager, den mother, data analysis, and media strategist.¬† Also we had a talent situation where the booked chef got…

Microsoft Empowering Business

Site: Empowering Business and The Economist Client: Microsoft Cloud Launch: Fall 2015 My role: Program manager, digital production and client liaison. Awards won: The Pearl Council‚Äôs Gold award for Best Overall Content Marketing Solution The Pearl Council’s¬†Bronze award for best website IAA‚Äôs Platinum award for Best B2B content



Campaign: Live who you are Launch: September 2014 My role: Helped shape and execute the brand strategy for Corcoran’s Annie Leibovitz campaign.¬† Negotiated media placements for the NY Times, Apartment Therapy, and ran successful paid Facebook campaigns that increased post engagement and total fans.

Bristol Myers-Squibb


Site: Global cancer survivorship: the need for integrated care for The Economist Client: Bristol Myers-Squibbs Launch: February 2017 My role: Managing the BMS client, assisting in providing review-ready materials for their internal committees, working closely with the EIU head of healthcare editor to execute the white paper, producing the site with the digital agency Soak,…

Economist x Access Accelerated


Site: The Next Pandemic?¬† Non-communicable diseases in developing countries (Access Accelerated) for The Economist Client: Consortium of pharma clients led by Pfizer and their agency, Weber Shandwick Launch: January 2017, in conjunction with Davos My role: Program manager, working closely with Weber Shandwick Part-time digital producer, manager of all content deliverables Sourced images, developed content…


Site: Open & Secure for The Economist Client: Samsung Mobile Agency: Starcom for media and Ogilvy UK for creative Launch: September 2017 My role:¬†Client relationship manager, account manager, digital producer for the site working with our digital agency Signal-Noise.¬† Also produced all digital and print media to help amplify the content.¬†¬†Analyzed campaign data and provided…


Site: Expect the Exceptional¬† for The Economist Client: SAS Launch: September 2017 with staggered content launches until January 2018 My role: Key client liaison, content co-strategist and editorial whisperer, project manager, digital producer, media strategy activation, social strategy implementation, copy-writer, and even designer – I helped source all images for the content and media. Analyzed…

Economist x Audi

Site: The power of eight for The Economist Client: Audi Agency: PHD UK Launch: October 2017 My role:¬†Digital producer, working with internal teams, Audi, their London agency PHD and the digital agency PMA to quickly bring this fabulous program featuring (8) influencers, each representing a different intelligence to digital life in less than 6 weeks.¬†…

The Economist x Intel

Site:¬†intel5g.economist.com for The Economist Client: Intel Agency: OMD Launch: February 2018 My role: Managed client, agency (OMD), 3D model design studio (Uros), and digital agency (PMA) to launch the AR/VR city, site, and paid media across Economist.com in just 4 weeks.