The Real Deal: Promo Posts

I’ve been writing for years and I’ve always felt that promotional “stories” are icky unless they provide value. Alas, management doesn’t always agree even if the data proves that sales-focused content turns people off. So I tried to find a unique angles and headlines that would entice people to click and read.

Here are a few examples.

  • To promote a new newsletter, The Residential Round-up, that I helped launch along with TRD’s head of product I created a blog post that featured the top trending topics of that week (based on clicks)


  • To promote the other new newsletter that I also was instrumental in launching (TRD is VERY lean – that’s why I was part of everything) I wrote a blog post that was intentionally matter-of-fact with little to no fluff.  CRE is very straight-forward as opposed to “resi” which is mostly agents who thrive on FOMO


  • I was asked to promote TRD’s YouTube channel. I had to think on that one a bit longer so what I did is create a sort of fake “trending videos of the week” weekly article series that surprisingly did VERY well!