Industry Dive x IBM Security Intelligence

Security Intelligence is a white-label blog conceived, created, and maintained by Industry Dive exclusively for IBM’s cybersecurity division.  We pitched and executed the site as a standalone newsroom dedicated to all things cybersecurity, updated in almost real-time.

Our role:

  • Source and maintain bench of expert cybersecurity writers
  • Create and pitch clients on content topics
  • Oversee content creation, editing, publication
  • Conduct keyword analysis and ensure keywords are incorporated into the content
  • Review site performance in Google Analytics and share results with clients on a monthly basis
  • Keep track of content budget

In addition to overseeing the operations of the account, I also made sure the account was staffed appropriately, ensured we had new writers tested, and worked with sales plus the IBM clients on quarterly business reviews, upsells, new product introductions, and content dissemination strategies.